Our futuristic modules and features that PAFIELD, the School ERP, is developing and will consider for further development:

Our Smart School ERP future vision

Our Future School ERP development Roadmap

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration

Implement AI to personalize learning, automate administrative tasks, and provide intelligent analytics for schools.

Virtual Reality (VR) Classroom

Develop a VR module that allows immersive learning experiences for students, especially in subjects like science and history.

Blockchain for Records

Use blockchain technology to secure and authenticate academic records, ensuring their integrity.

Augmented Reality (AR) Labs

Create AR labs for subjects like chemistry and biology, enabling virtual experiments and interactive learning.

Predictive Analytics

Develop algorithms that predict student performance, helping teachers intervene early and provide tailored already we have deployed AI based Behaviour analysis Bots.

Cybersecurity Suite

Enhance security with a comprehensive suite that safeguards student data and prevents cyber threats.

Parent-Teacher Chatbots

Implement chatbots to facilitate instant communication between parents and teachers, answering routine queries.

IoT Integration

Connect school infrastructure and devices to the internet for real-time data analysis and management.


Develop a gamification module to make learning more engaging, encouraging healthy competition among students.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Integration: Integrate a robust LMS for course creation, content management, and already we have but developing next Gen System.

Student Mental Health Support

Offer resources and tools for mental health and well-being, including counseling services.

Remote Proctoring for Exams

Enable secure remote proctoring for online exams to prevent cheating.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Measure and reduce the school's environmental footprint, encouraging sustainability.

Robotics and Coding Labs

Implement modules for robotics and coding education, preparing students for STEM careers.

Voice Assistants for Accessibility

Develop voice-activated tools to aid students with disabilities, providing an inclusive learning environment.

Global Collaborative Projects

Facilitate international collaborations and projects to broaden students' global perspectives.

Smart Timetable Generator

Use AI to create optimized timetables, considering students' preferences and teacher availability.

Biometric Authentication

Enhance security with biometric authentication for access to sensitive data.We have completed pilot & ready to deploy anywhere.

Alumni Network Management

Improve alumni engagement and networking with a dedicated already we have deployed basic version.

AI-Powered Learning Resources

Provide AI-curated learning resources, adapting content to individual student needs.

Real-Time Language Translation

Enable real-time translation for classrooms with diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Peer-to-Peer Assessment

Allow students to evaluate their peers' work and give constructive feedback.

Skill Development Tracking

Help students and teachers track the development of essential skills beyond academics.

Digital Portfolio Builder

Create a tool for students to build digital portfolios showcasing their achievements and growth.

Data Privacy Dashboard

Offer users control over their data and visibility into how it's used.

AI Career Guidance

Provide AI-driven career guidance to help students make informed career choices.

Mobile App with Offline Mode

Enhance accessibility with a mobile app that works offline, crucial for areas with limited already we have Android & iOs online App integration.